Asper Bamboo

Asper Bamboo Name

The scientific name of Asper Bamboo is Dendrocalamus asper . It is also referred to as Giant Bamboo, Rough Bamboo and Dragon Bamboo. We prefer to refer to is as Asper Bamboo because there are other bamboo species that are also referred to as Giant Bamboo and Dragon bamboo. The name Asper bamboo prevents any confusion.

Asper Bamboo Type

Asper Bamboo is a variety of clumping bamboo.

Asper Bamboo Growth

Asper Bamboo is known for vigorous growth especially in favorable conditions. This bamboo can grow to be over 60 feet tall with culm diameters of 5 inches. Remember this when you consider purchasing this bamboo!

Asper Bamboo Temperature Requirement

The minimum recommended temperature for Asper Bamboo is 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Asper Bamboo Color

Asper bamboo is a green bamboo that turns into a brownish grey color as it ages. It has thick nodal rings that makes an interesting visual effect.

Asper Bamboo Uses

Asper Bamboo is a suitable bamboo for construction. The shoots of Asper Bamboo are considered among the highest quality of edible bamboo shoots. The flavor of Asper Bamboo shoots are described as sweet tasting. Another common reason to purchase Asper Bamboo is too get your hands on some tall, fast growing bamboo that you enjoy watching it develop.

Asper Bamboo Origin

Asper Bamboo originates from Indonesia.

Asper Bamboo Collectivity

Asper Bamboo is a fine collector’s piece for someone that has the proper space for it. Although it is considered noninvasive due to it’s clumping nature Asper Bamboo is best planted some distance from homes and other structures. Being able to view Asper Bamboo from a distance as well as close up enhances your ability to appreciate it’s beauty.